Success Mastery Workshop Series Workshops Specifically Designed to Achieve Greater Success! Melbourne, Australia

myGOAL – Goal Achievement Blueprint

During this workshop, you will discover Danny’s personalised goal achievement ritual that has, and continues to, bring him massive success daily.


Perfected over 30 years, and for the first time ever, Danny will reveal his own steps and strategies for you to adopt and also start achieving your lifelong goals at an extraordinary pace.


Join us on this journey of discovery and leave with the motivation and game plan to take your life to the next level.

What will be covered:



Learn how to Achieve Your Goals

– Learn to Develop Affirmations

– Learn to Outline Your Holistic Life Vision

– Find your true Passion

– Explore the myREGRETS / myRESOLVE process

– Understand and use Transient Hypofrontality

– Master having a Strong, Disciplined Mind

– Develop your Keystone Habits

– Understand Money & You

Goal Accountability – Online Challenge

Online Challenge

Stay focused and live every day with intention and purpose utilising Danny’s online goal achievement ritual challenge.


Log in each day and be kept accountable, motivated and moving towards your goals using the strategies learned during the Goal Achievement Workshop.


With the help of your fellow participants, this enlightening experience will keep you engaged and moving towards greater success daily.

What will be covered:



– Re-enforce key strategies learnt during the myGOAL Workshop

– Stay focused on achieving your goals through daily activities

– Community support to remain motivated and engaged

– Continued guidance and support delivered from Danny Vorhauer 

– Leaderboard focused accountability tracking


– Success Mindset Masterclass

During this series of revolutionary workshops, Danny will share his playbook of success philosophies for you to implement into your own life. He will explore your unique Success Profile, how your attitudes compare to the most successful people in the world and the changes you can make to begin seeing immediate and life-changing results!

What will be covered:



– Discover your Success Profile and identify your Success Barriers

– Identify and excel in the 39 Key Attitudes

– Conquer the Major Barrier to Success

– Learn to think like a Genius

– Eliminate on the biggest causes of Stress

– Become an Expert Negotiator

– Become a Skilful Communicator

– Master living in your Most Powerful State

– Transform your life with a Personal Positioning System

Physiognomy – Face Reading for Success

Success in life is heavily reliant on how well you communicate with others, both personally and professionally. The face is made up of thousands of muscles and just like working out at a gym changes your body shape, the shape of a face will vary over time depending on how it is used. This workshop will enable you to have an instant and profound understanding of everyone you meet, merely by understanding and reading their facial features. With this new skillset, you will be able to relate to and influence essential success outcomes in any situation and with anyone in your life.

What will be covered:



– Discover the ancient art of Face Reading for Success

– Discover the difference in Face Shapes 

– Learn how a persons Public and Private side of their face differs

– Discover the myTPS Five Elements and how they interact

– Learn how key facial elements indicate differing Personality Traits

– Learn how to have an Instant and Profound understanding of Everyone You Meet!

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