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Your gateway to the 39 Success Attitudes and to see how YOU compare to the Worlds Most Successful People!

Success profiling is both an individual’s Success Attitude and Persuasion Skills. Once the mySUCCESS Profile is completed, your results are then compared to those, who in their life, have achieve great levels of success both personally and professionally.


Holistically, an individual’s ability to be successful is greatly related to their Success Attitude and Persuasion Skills. Skills are trained, whereas Attitude is Coached. By identifying the attitude traits that are misaligned to what is known as a “Success Attitude” we can then coach the individual towards greater realignment and further increase their career and life success. Where a requirement to increase a person’s persuasion skills is identified, training is recommended to be completed.

Want to know where you are misaligned the most?

Complete the full profile package and be presented with your complete overview of which areas you are misaligned with, when compared to those who have achieve the greatest amount of success in their life. Danny Vorhauer’s mySUCCESS Team will put together a comprehensive package outlining the areas where any additional coaching which may be required.


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